We are young men within the ManKind Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity.

What We Do


Develop your own individual leadership skills. Set yourself on the path towards fulfilling your own unique potential as the leader you wish to be.


Learn the skills to live a life of integrity: taking responsibility for the consequences of your choices and actions and living in alignment with your values.


Build the skills you need to live into your potential – including relationships, career, emotional self, purpose, mission of service, and more.


Our organization provides you with a massive support network that includes the tools, resources, and over 50,000 other men to help you on your journey.

Who We Are

We are young men within the ManKind Project, an organization committed to the development of leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity. Our goal is to provide young men with the tools, the knowledge, and the support necessary to live a meaningful and successful life. As for the “Young” in Young Warriors, we focus specifically on the issues facing young men, generally between the ages of 18 to 35. That said, if you feel young at heart then you’re in the right place.

Different people get involved for different reasons. Some want to develop their own leadership skills. Some crave more accountability in their lives. For others it might be personal exploration, cultivating healthier relationships, developing a stronger sense of purpose, increasing self-confidence. . . the list goes on. If any of this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The ManKind Project has been around for 30 years, and over 50,000 men have answered the call.

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