Ready for an Adventure for Young Men? Join us in Florida in February 2015!!!

The Young Warrior New Warrior Training is open to men of all ages

We are only able to recognize the powerful brilliance of men when we are also willing to look at and take full responsibility for the pain we are capable of creating … and suffering from. This is the paradox of modern masculinity and it is a lesson we are dedicated to learning and teaching. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a life affirming training, honoring the best of what men have to offer the planet.

We believe that initiation is crucial to the development of a healthy and mature male self, no matter how old a man is. It is the “hero’s journey” of classical literature and myth that has nearly disappeared in modern culture. We ask men to stop living vicariously through movies, television, addictions and distractions and to step up into their own adventure – in real time and surrounded by other men.

HOW LONG IS IT: Exact times vary, but 5 PM FRIDAY until 4 PM SUNDAY is usual.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: You’ll get more than you’re willing to hope for: purpose, passion, vibrancy, joy, healing, connection to self, new energy, clarity, power, freedom, understanding, brotherhood, trust. Nearly 50,000 men have now taken this journey, and every man’s experience has been unique. Click here to read what others have gotten from the New Warrior Training Adventure.

WHAT DOES IT COST: Prices vary according to location, average is $650 US. This includes all accommodations, meals and materials. Financial assistance and payment plans are available.

WHO RUNS IT: The ManKind Project International (MKP). For the past 27 years MKP has helped men to grow, flourish, and build community. MKP wants men to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, to feel valuable and powerful as a mature, connected men in the world. MKP creates culture that is safe, supportive and vibrant for our partners, families, kids and grand-kids. If you want that too, then take this to heart – the New Warrior Training will have a profound impact on you and all those you care about.

WHAT IS A YOUNG WARRIOR: Generally Young Warriors are men 18-35* years old. The Young Warrior NWTA is designed and facilitated to focus on the strengths and issues that young men face.  It is also lead by a team of young men with support from men of all ages.

*Some men who are older than 35 identify as a Young Warrior and they’re welcome too.

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Want to learn more? Talk to a man about the New Warrior Training Adventure: Call (800) 870-4611.

Want to connect with someone in your local area? Email:

It’s important to have answers to these questions before you register for the New Warrior Training Adventure.

1. Are you doing this for YOU? The New Warrior Training Adventure is for men committed to bettering their lives, healing their souls, creating community and connecting with the world in authentic service. The decision to do the NWTA should be one that you make for yourself – not for someone else. You may be feeling apprehension or fear. That’s great. Chances are you know that something powerful and mysterious is awaiting you. That is the adventure.

2. Are you ready to challenge yourself and show up fully? The hero has to face difficult truths about himself, even the reality of his own mortality. The hero chooses to act in the face of these challenges rather than shrink back. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a Hero’s Journey – an initiation into the mature masculine. It happens real time and surrounded by other men also facing the most difficult aspects of themselves. Each man’s path is unique and yet all share common characteristics. The success of a community of men depends on the success of each individual man. Your participation matters. Are you ready to challenge yourself and to show up fully?

3. Are you committed to your personal growth for the long term? The New Warrior Training Adventure won’t tell you what to think or what to do with your life. Our intention is to create a process to help you reveal your deepest needs and deepest gifts. The New Warrior Training Adventure lasts about 48 hours. Your growth and evolution as a man are life-long. We have a global community of men who support each other to continue growing, healing, connecting and serving others in the world. Becoming an agent of change takes time and effort. We are looking for the next generations of leaders and luminaries who will help all of us survive and thrive.

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